I started this blog post wanting to talk about how content writers experience impostor syndrome too. But I decided not to because it didn’t feel honest, like it was what I am feeling at the moment.

Do you want honesty?

Do you?

Well, for one, I just thought about it, I haven’t figured out a blog post title yet for this.

Two, lately I don’t think I feel nothing. I don’t know how to feel something anymore.

I hardly allow anything to excite me; the motto is; don’t get too excited about nothing. Should this be a problem?

Oh wait, I think I just thought up a blog post title for this. You will see.

I woke up today feeling some type of way, like happy, happy about the harmattan cold, for being around people I am comfortable around, after so long, for Christmas, for fast internet, I usually get this way when I get up really early.

Just this morning, one of my sisters turned on my hotspot without asking and was using my data to browse on Pinterest, tf . I feel violated. That’s the thing about boundaries. I love boundaries. I respect boundaries a lot. That is the thing about family. The familiarity makes it almost impossible to recognize boundaries.

Now she wouldn’t let my phone charge, arrgh…. Apparently she is checking my apps

Little things get under my skin. Like don’t touch me for so long, don’t go in for a hug if I didn’t ask for it. Give me back my phone; you are holding on to it for too long. Don’t get your face so close up to mine. Don’t wear my stuff if I don’t know about it. Let have some boundaries. Always ask. Asking is important.

How do I feel right now?


Worried about Instagram music being available in Nigeria. How many people who will be bothering me, with their taste in music on their stories. Oh, the horror. And this is a fickle thing to be worried about.


Great. Astonished at how often I have been reading books lately.


Unsure about this blog post or the direction it is going. But I am grateful for having this safe place to let out anything and everything. And I am back to writing here. I have commitment issues. But I am here to stay.


Not too good. I couldn’t come up with a title. I tried, I mean….

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