Natural Hair Update…How I Made A Homemade Deep Conditioner

Heyyyy! Natural hair update y’all. So, I have been gone for quite awhile now, it’s not really easy to manage my time in a new city, having to deal with work and keeping up with the blog. I have decided that I will start making out quality time to be here by trying to blog every other weekend. So here goes nothing.

My hair is officially 2 days shy of being 6 months old. It has been an amazing journey, trust me and a lot of ups and downs. Do you know what’s true happiness for me, running my hands through my hair and feeling how soft and silky it is. I am usually one to procrastinate a lot and whine and jump around in my feelings before I can commit to something and be consistent at doing it. I am proud of myself that I have a healthy natural hair and I glow, baby.

This is when I took out my braids and I was marvelled how thick my hair has become 😄


So few months ago, I loosened my braids and I decided to try something new for more healthier hair. This experiment was done a long time ago but procrastination, selective laziness and work wouldn’t let me put it down here.

I decided to make a homemade natural hair deep conditioner. I went hair products shopping, lol.

Here’s a list of what I used:

My shopping list


  • 1 egg

  • A bunch of banana (It’s better to use ripe ones but the only ones available were the unripe ones).

  • Shea butter

  • Honey

  • Coconut oil or Olive oil.

  • A spoon of vinegar

  • You can also use Avocado pear but I couldn’t find any.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

I peeled off the banana (obviously I would, lol), then diced the bananas into bits, and put into a plate.

Then, I cracked open the egg, and whisked it properly with the banana. I added the honey, vinegar, olive oil, coconut oil and a spoonful of shea butter into the mixture.


Looks yummy right? 😂


The next thing I did was blending it all together and then pouring back into a bigger plate for the messier process.

The blending process


I parted my hair into three sections and began the process of rubbing the mixture evenly into my hair. After I was done, I covered my hair with a nylon bag and a shower cap too, this was to enable the deep conditioner to sit in evenly and prevent air from entering.

The minimum time to allow this process is usually 20 minutes but I did mine for almost an hour before I washed it off. The washing process is particularly gruesome, you have to make sure you wash off all the deep conditioner particles. I had to wash my hair twice.


The final process


After applying the deep conditioner, my hair came off glossy, shiny and bouncy. The olive oil, shea butter and the vinegar in the mixture makes my hair easier to detangle while the coconut oil and the honey serves as protein for my hair to make it grow, strengthen it and make it shine also.

Okurrr !!! See that hair all bouncy and what not


Fast forward to October now, I got my edges growing well in full force and I recently got an Eco styling gel off Jumia and my edges have never looked better. It smoothens and keeps my edges in place throughout the day so I don’t look ratchet. Lol.

My baby…


The Eco styling gel product description:

  • Made with 100% Pure olive oil

  • Maximum Hold

  • Helps your scalp regulate its own natural moisturising system

  • No flakes. No tack. Anti-itch

  • Contains UV protection

  • Soft hold

I am living my best life and really enjoying the natural hair journey.

I hate to go but I will be back with more juicy tales of my natural hair journey, this time a more personalized experience.


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